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With the rise of CBD, many are discovering its healing properties and positive effects on their wellness. From oils to gummies or capsules there’s something for everyone. The popularity is undeniable as consumers explore this versatile cannabinoid that can be found in all sorts of products including vape e-liquids, and a variety of beverages. As well.

If you live in Lawrenceville or the surrounding area, Visit Relax + Releaf, your family-owned and operated CBD store to see how this natural medicine can improve all aspects of health and wellness.



What is CBD?

The hemp plant is known to be a natural source for Cannabidiol, which has several potential therapeutic applications. Studies show that taking CBD oil can help with sleep and anxiety as well among other things! Unlike marijuana it does not cause any psychoactive effects, so you won’t experience anything unusual while using this product – just more relief from your ailments than ever before.

CBD Health Benefits

The healing power of CBD is being recognized throughout the country, with many people starting to use this natural remedy for various conditions. Here are a few health benefits of CBD products:


CBD For Pain

CBD oil may be a promising treatment for people with chronic pain. It has been proven to reduce inflammation and discomfort from health-related conditions like fibromyalgia or MS, which can help alleviate symptoms in those who suffer long-term suffering due to their condition not responding well enough with medication alone.


The research into CBD products for pain management is promising and it could provide an alternate solution to people who rely on medications like opioids which may be habit-forming and cause side effects such as addiction.

CB-1 Receptors
-Coordination & Movement
-Emotions & Mood

CB-2 Receptors

CBD For Anxiety

CBD is proving to be a lifesaver for people who suffer from anxiety and stress. The symptoms that cause sleepless nights, nervousness, or social phobia can all be dealt with by taking this natural remedy which will allow you back into your regular routine without any disruption.


By using our natural products, you can avoid the negative side effects of alcohol and pills. Our full-spectrum CBD hemp oil is a healthy alternative for anxiety relief. We offer a healthier and more natural way to deal with these common ailments by providing our customers an alternative in the form of plant-based products including full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, tinctures. bath products and calming teas.

CBD Products for Sleep 

There are many reasons why people might be struggling with insomnia, but it could just come down to a lack of quality sleep. CBD has been shown in clinical trials for helping those suffering from chronic sleeplessness and other disorders related to sleeping well- which means you’re not alone!


CBD has been proven to reduce insomnia in people who suffer from chronic pain, which can be helpful for a better nights’ sleep. Anxiety is also an issue that many users deal with when it comes time to put their head on the pillow at night – but CBD may help ease this symptom as well.


Additional CBD Health Benefits 

• Reduces nausea and vomiting
• Reduces seizures and convulsions
• Reduces blood sugar
• Antibacterial
• Builds immunities
• Inhibits cancer cell growth
• Neuroprotective
• Promotes bone growth
• Reduces risk of artery blockage
• May reduce acne
• Benefits heart health
• Diabetes Aid

CBD Oils 

If you are looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or other ailments then CBD oil may be the solution. Made by extracted out of cannabis plants and diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oils. These bottled products include tinctures that come in different concentrations, there’s one to suit your needs.


CBD oil products come in several different forms:


• Capsules
• Lotions, creams & massage oils
• Tinctures and Sprays
• Gummies


Relax+Releaf believes in the power of natural healing and wants to help you find an alternative that’s better for your health than what our pharmaceutical-based society has become accustomed to. That is why we offer only high-quality products from trusted brands, all at competitive prices.

About Lawrenceville Georgia

Travelers from all over the southeast find their way to Lawrenceville, Georgia for a taste of history and adventure. With many fun things going on in this colorful little community it’s no wonder that people love living here.


Lawrenceville has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to have some old-fashioned fun or enjoy peace and quiet, there are plenty of activities that will suit your interests. From delicious dining at Dominick’s, Oyster Bay Seafood Café, and Local Republic all the way down to shopping in Sugarloaf Mills.


For an evening of entertainment, the Aurora Theatre is a must that has plays that range from classical to modern, or check out the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament with knights on horses charging through battles while guests dine at their leisure.


If you’re an avid baseball fan, the Lawrenceville’s Gwinnett Stripers is a great place to spend your free time. With 144 games per season and low prices, there’s no better AAA team in North America.


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