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Our delectable vegan gummy infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp, and crafted with organic and all-natural ingredients. Available in a convenient 30-pack. Crafted to be gluten free, no artifical ingredients made with the highest quality. We now have 4 formulas that can focus on what you need. 

Contains less than .3% THC by volume.


Made for your daily life,  helpful for various purposes, like quelling anxiety and helping insomnia. These Full-Spectrum hemp extract infused gummies come in two strengths: 25mg or 50mg



Relief is the same great CBD as our Daily gummy, but with the addition of ginseng, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Take 1 or 2 when you need it to work on your deepest aches and pains. With daily use,  you can get ahead of inflammation and soreness.



We paired Full-Spectrum hemp extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp with chamomile to help you fall asleep and stay asleep . Take 1 or 2 before heading to bed. Like Daily, Sleep comes in two strengths 25mg  or 50mg


THC Free

Infused with Broad-Spectrum hemp extract at the same 25mg or the 50mg dose, but with zero THC. For those who need a totally THC-free experience, you can get all the benefits of CBD


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