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Delta 10 flower has hit the market! These premium buds are coated with Delta 10 distillate to add extra euphoria and uplifting energy to your next smoke session. Zkittles 7.14% Delta 10 THC & 14.92% CBD (1:2 Ratio) Kief Sifted The popular strain has made its way into our flower category due to high demand. Prepare yourself for a tasty smoke as Zkittles produces a sweet flavor that has a touch of both skunky and fruity tones. Zkittles leans indica dominant but is perfect for mellow daytime option. Pineapple OG Pineapple OG is a sativa dominant strain that originated from the cross of an unidentified OG Kush strain and Pineapple Express. A name that translates into it’s flavor, Pineapple Express has fruity and earthy tones. Pineapple OG will leave you in a euphoric bliss mentally, and a calming effect throughout the body.


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