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The difference between conventional oils and our premium delta 8 distillate is like night vs day. Infusing your skin with fat-absorbing pathways means that you can get higher doses of beneficial chemicals for less time, which makes CBD Delta-8 THC tinctures perfect if power or quick relief from pain management symptoms are desired

The new beeZbee CBD+Δ8-THC tinctures combine two powerful cannabinoids, available in three strengths and various ratios of CBD to Δ8-THC depending on your preferences.

Low Strength:

  • 150mg CBD + 75mg Δ8-THC. 150mg Total Cannabinoids | 2:1 ratio

Medium Strength:

  • 450mg CBD + 225mg Δ8-THC. 675mg Total Cannabinoids | 2:1 ratio

High Strength:

  • 1200mg CBD + 600mg Δ8-THC. 1800mg Total Cannabinoids | 2:1 ratio

Start with 3-5 drops and increase as needed. Recommended dosage is 1-2mg per 10lbs of body weight.


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