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Dr. Jordan serves as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Psychiatry Residency Program at Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Ayana Jordan, CBD and Cannabis Advocate.

The CBD Educator Spotlight, a Relax + Releaf series highlighting Black Medical Professionals who advocate for CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp. Presenting Dr. Ayana Jordan:

Dr. Ayana Jordan is among the bold Black physicians who actively advocate for you in the CBD and medical industries. Dr. Jordan serves as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Psychiatry Residency Program at Yale School of Medicine. She not only teaches at Yale but also serves as a medical provider at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. In 2020, she was a prominent participant in the HBO “I May Destroy You” recovery and wellbeing campaign.

At the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York City, where she earned her MD and PhD, Dr. Jordan developed a love for helping minorities. She finished her residency in general adult psychiatry at Yale University, where she also held the position of program-wide chief. Given the severe stigma that she observed from other specialties throughout her residency, Dr. Jordan developed an interest in treating people with substance use disorders.

A Focus On Addiction

Dr. Jordan attended specialist addiction training at Yale because she is committed to treating addiction, and she has a particular interest in applying her skills in research to clinical issues in the Black community.

She is dedicated to expanding minority groups’ access to addiction treatment, both domestically and internationally. Dr. Jordan has conducted research on the relationship between stigma, substance abuse, and mental illness in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and she has testified as an expert witness on these topics. Dr. Jordan is collaborating with Black churches in Connecticut to provide an evidence-based treatment approach that has been shown to be successful in reducing substance usage. In order to develop contacts with important stakeholders and complete this project successfully, Dr. Jordan is motivated.

CBD Can Help

Recently, the Women’s Health Research at Yale (WHRY) announced funds to study how CBD affects the brain and whether it affects women and men differently. Dr. Jordan is undertaking this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial alongside Dr. Sarah Yip and Dr. Lichenstein to investigate neurological and subjective responses to CBD.

The findings of the study will be utilized to better comprehend the processes that underlie CBD and to determine whether it has any therapeutic promise for anxiety. This will ultimately help produce long overdue and required evidence-based dose recommendations for the several women who use these medications to treat their anxiety. The implication here is that Dr. Ayana Jordan and her team believe that CBD could be an effective and safe alternative to benzodiazepines.

Dr. Ayana Jordan is excellent at what she does. She is so much passionate about CBD use among women from minority communities that she has dedicated her time and energy to engaging in research that will provide scientific evidence. She is a strong believer in the mental health benefits of CBD for women dealing with mental health problems.

We are here to celebrate Dr. Jordan’s work in the cannabis, hemp, CBD industry. Her commitment, her zeal, and her dedication are all worth a toast. As members of this community, we are grateful that a practicing physician appreciates the role of cannabis in general, and CBD in particular, in promoting optimal health.

Watch Dr. Jordan discuss cannabis, marijuana, and health equity with Dr. LaTrice Montgomery on Youtube

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