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Secret Nature offers unique strains, displaying beautiful bud structures and a unique terpene profile.

  • Smell proof, air-tight seal
  • 2 Pre-Rolls, 100% fresh ground buds

Hybrid strains provides a balancing effect.

Sour Gummi-Strong aroma of sweet and sour candy, with hints of earth and pine

Mr. Rainbow-A unique terpene profile reminiscent of cookies, fruit and classical cannabis haze

DoughBoy– Doughboy is a mild smoke perfect for virtually anytime of day

Super Spectrum-contain a wide array of cannabinoids, including our first pre-rolls with THCV. A blend of fresh ground Indoor Frosted Kush, CBG, and Secret OG buds, these pre-rolls provide an extremely smooth and balanced effect. Deep thought and focus were the most prominent sensations we experienced when consuming this blend.



Sativa provides an uplift and a positive mood boost throughout the day.

Papaya Nights-Rich in sweet, juicy flavors like papaya, peach, and pear juice

Melon Frost Bursting with flavors of sparkling sour watermelon and gas, Melon Frost is truly a special strain

Citron-Dominant aromas of lemon, citrus, and sour, its sure to please any fans of classic limonene heavy cannabis strains

Fuji-Strain bursting with tropical flavors and hints of crisp apple

Diesel Puff– Strain has aromas of Diesel, Gas, and Earth, with hints of citrus and pine

CBG Rich-A mild flavor and aroma, the most notable being almond, chamomile, cream and citrus

Secret Dream– Complex aromas of fruit, mint, haze and gas


Indica provides a way to wind down your day and enter into a more grounded and relaxed state. 


Frosted Kush-Pungent aroma of sweet cream and fresh berries

Bourbon Sugar has unrivaled flavor, and just like real bourbon, it brings on a calm mind and relaxed body with its indica dominant effects

Secret OG-Powerhouse strain with the classic look and smell of OG cannabis varieties. Underlying flavor notes of earth, mint, haze, and gas.

Cherry Cough-Pungent aromas of any strain we have ever seen, it smells like sweet cherry syrup, coca cola, and gas

Sweet Cake-Potent Indica that users report leaves them relaxed and/or ready for bed


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Bourbon Sugar, CBG Rich, Cherry Cough, Diesel Puff, Frosted Kush, Fuji, Melon Frost, Mr.Rainbow, Papaya Night, Secret Dream, Secret OG, Sour Gummi, Super Spectrum


2 count, 7 count


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