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Have you been searching for a product that can replace your pre-rolls, or maybe something that’s similar to the feeling of smoking a cigarette without the tobacco or nicotine?

Have you been wondering about the benefits of full spectrum hemp products but are intimidated by rolling your own?

Snapz Blueberry Menthol Hemp Cigarettes are a full spectrum hemp flower product that is ideal for those who love smokeable hemp flower but don’t like the hassle of rolling, grinding, or loading a bowl.

Each package of the Snapz Blueberry Menthol contains 10 hemp cigarettes with flavor capsules located inside the filter. 

Snapz hemp cigarettes utilize organic hemp flower and trim in a convenient pre-roll package.

Every hemp cigarette comes with a filter that has two snappable, crushable flavor capsules in them.

That means that every pack of snaps makes for flavor combinations, regular, blueberry, menthol, and blueberry & menthol.

Snapz are manufactured by Spectrum Wellness, a fast growing California CBD company, gaining popularity for their hemp cigarettes.

Wellicy is proud to partner with Spectrum Wellness to bring you the Snapz dual flavor Hemp Cigarettes.

Spectrum Wellness takes pride in their product, including safety, quality, and microbial testing throughout their manufacturing process.

To enjoy your Snapz in regular hemp flavor, simply pull it out of the package and light, do not crush the balls in the filter.

To enjoy your Snapz in a blueberry flavor, snap the filter where the blueberry flavor capsule is inside the filter, light, and enjoy.

To enjoy Menthol snap the capsule in the filter.

But if you really want to elevate your experience with a Blueberry and Menthol combination, snap both filters inside your hemp cigarettes, light, and enjoy.

Snapz Blueberry Menthol hemp cigarettes are also a great choice for you if you would like to substitute your cigarette use with all natural CBD hemp flower.

They are also a great choice if you need the benefits of smokeable hemp but have a difficult time (or not enough time) to roll your own.

Snapz Hemp Cigarettes are designed to bring each customer a custom smoking experience, that’s big on flavor and enjoyment.

Snapz Hemp Cigarettes are a full spectrum CBD product.


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