CBD Ed Spotlight: Dr. Rasean Hodge, “Atlanta will be the Cannabis Mecca”

Dr. Rasean Hodge, Cannabis and CBD Advocate

CBD EDUCATOR SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Rasean T. Hodge states that “Atlanta will be the Cannabis Mecca” on the Cash Color Cannabis podcast

Dr. Rasean T. Hodge has been educating the masses about the benefits of Cannabis and CBD for almost 10 years. Dr. Hodge is a graduate of Morehouse College, and received his medical degree from UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. Although he had been practicing medicine for some time, it wasn’t until he was recovering from a broken neck that he started to explore medical cannabis, on a higher level.

“I suddenly got hurt, I broke my neck playing a game of pickup basketball,” Hodge said in a Rolling Out interview.

Rasean had to endure a number of surgeries and the pain management protocols that come along with them. The pain medication he was prescribed did not do much for the pain while producing a number of unpleasant side effects. Dr. Hodge went into research mode and scoured studies out of California, Israel, and New Zealand on the use of Cannabis and CBD for pain. He was convinced and went on to become certified by the Medical Board of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

He wants people to know that CBD and Cannabis were the #1 prescribed medicine in this country from the 1890’s through the 1920’s. There have been zero deaths from cannabis. And, there are anti-inflammatory properties that are much stronger that most related medications. Dr. Hodge has also been working with the State of Georgia to help change the laws around medicinal cannabis.

Dr. Hodge helped change laws so patients with serious health conditions such as cancer, HIV, and chemotherapy could access treatment.

Hodge’s practice, Premiere Chronic Pain Care, is located in Atlanta, GA. He believes that ATL will be the cannabis and CBD mecca because of our community, our swagger, and our commitment to small business. You can follow Dr. Hodge on Instagram: – tell him you found him through your friends at R+R.

Relax + Releaf is honored to highlight Dr. Rasean Hodge in our CBD Educator Spotlight series.

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